The global pandemic surrounding COVID-19 continues to evolve on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis. That’s why we continue to look at how COVID-19 has impacted office spaces and affected the commercial real estate market as a whole.

How COVID-19 has impacted office spaces around the country

From 2021 commercial real estate trends to how to safely return to the office after COVID-19, we’ve previously looked at several ways the virus has affected businesses and their everyday operations. Now, it’s time to look specifically at how COVID-19 has impacted office spaces.

1. What’s the purpose of office space?

This is a question many businesses have been forced to ask, especially since many of their employees spent the better part of 2020 working from home. Is a commercial office space needed after COVID-19if so much work can be done remotely? The answer is truly different for every business and industry. But, finding the right answer starts with defining goals for the office and determining what that space can provide that working from home cannot.

2. How much office space is actually needed?

With some staff still working from home, this question becomes important as large office square footage may no longer be necessary. On the other hand, if employees are returning to the office, social distancing guidelines must still be followed to provide a safe working environment. So, while some businesses may reduce their office space, others may actually increase it.

3. Where should the office space be located?

In recent years, large cities have typically been the hub for commercial office buildings. While these locations provide easy access to airports and local amenities, they also may be reached by public transportation. If COVID-19 causes concern about commuting via crowded public transit, some businesses may choose to lease office space in smaller cities.

4. What will the floor plan look like?

This is perhaps one of the biggest ways COVID-19 has impacted office spaces. The old trend of fitting as many employees in one office as possible has gone out the window. In its place is a new trend toward flexible office spaces. These can be used for a variety of purposes and are able to subtly provide social distancing while still allowing for collaboration between staff members.

Finding the perfect office space

At TXRE Properties, our mission is to match each potential tenant with the commercial office space that perfectly meets their needs and goals. Additionally, our professional real estate brokers are skilled in helping clients find a new space when their needs or objectives change.

Simply contact us today to arrange a meeting with one of our brokers or to schedule a tour of one of our many commercial real estate properties. We look forward to helping you find the best office space in the Dallas-Fort Worth area!