TXRE specializes in the acquisition, renovation, repositioning, rebranding and reintroduction of commercial real estate. To accomplish this TXRE offers a complete suite of management and brokerage services to support your single asset or southwest region portfolio investment. Our highly specialized team members have extensive experience in real estate markets across the nation but focus their expertise close to home in the greater DFW market. We leverage relationships with trusted local vendors and contractors to care for and correctly position your property to meet the investment goals for the asset.

Our full-service management solutions include:

Asset management / Portfolio management

At TXRE Properties, our clients’ investment portfolios are an integral part of their financial enterprise. Since no two families or companies are alike, we work closely with each investor to asset manage their real estate portfolio based on their unique investment objectives, tax considerations, risk tolerance, and other unique factors. We also can collaborate with other financial advisors to create a seamless partnership. The relationships we build are grounded in an alignment of interests with our clients. Our clients can trust that the investment decisions we make for their portfolios are meant to achieve their financial objectives, not our own.

Property management / Engineering services

Whether you have one property or a portfolio of commercial properties, each client presents a unique property with unique needs. At TXRE Properties we provide in-house property management, and engineering services for your portfolio. We are able to maximize the performance of your buildings based on the specific goals of your each property. Our highly experienced professionals are responsible for technical support that ensures efficient project management, operations, and maintenance at all our managed buildings.

Construction management

At TXRE Properties, we offer construction management services to maintain and enhance the physical appearance and functional usefulness of your commercial asset to increase the value. We provide a history of construction management services of various capabilities, and resources unique to each property. Each construction management team takes a hands-on approach to maximize the value of any construction project by diligently managing quality controls, budgets, and schedules.

Brokerage services (investment sales / project leasing)

We consider each investment sale or property leasing transaction – as our most important. This philosophy drives our business each, and every day. At TXRE properties, we pride ourselves with our responsiveness to clients, and our ability to develop strategic plans to meet your objectives. Finding ideal work spaces for a company requires a team with in-depth knowledge of the commercial real estate industry, and expertise in handling simple to complex transactions. Effective results and successful deals are a product our mission —honesty, integrity, ethics and respect, always.

Extensive research / Analysis / Broker partnerships

Our team at TXRE Properties, leverages market knowledge, and deep local relationships to uncover creative solutions, as well as negotiate effectively on behalf of our clients. We research and analyze every opportunity, including complex financial and qualitative drivers.

Customized brokerage services often include:

  • Tenant/user representation
  • Lease review and/or negotiation (direct, ground, sublease)
  • Acquisitions
  • Dispositions
  • Vendor selection/engagement
  • Transaction management

Consulting: debt placement, refinancing, and tax protesting

In addition, TXRE Properties also can provide the following consulting services of debt placement, refinancing, and tax protesting.

Our Customer Service Commitment

“We are leading middle market multi-tenant office properties through higher standards.”
– Justin Smith

Good ideas with great execution are who we are. Our business plan is simple; Quality and Higher Standards. Our dedicated team of globally-seasoned real estate brokers & salespeople, property managers, and maintenance staff work together to deliver exceptional properties. We provide personalized service throughout the duration of your investment. Convenient locations, unrivaled service come together to create a leasing experience that exceeds expectations.