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While many areas of the country are still under strict COVID-19 lockdown measures, others are starting to free up. If you’re looking to have employees return to the office, however, there are some questions to ask and steps to take to ensure everyone’s safety.

Who should return to the office first?

If your staff has been working remotely for much of 2020, it’s time to prioritize who comes back first. Are there employees whose job functions are absolutely essential to the everyday operations of your business? Would working in the office (instead of at home) enable them to work more productively or efficiently and help your bottom line?

You may also wish to look at the matter from a more personal angle, rather than just from a business perspective. For example, does your head salesperson have toddlers running around at home, making it difficult to work from a home office? Perhaps they’ve been “making do” out of necessity but they might appreciate being among the first to return to the office!


Are there structural modifications that need to be made?

Even when staff does return to the office, it will NOT be business as usual. With social distancing guidelines still in place around the country, you may find that your office setup is not conducive to providing the required space between employees. Determine what modifications you’d like to make and then talk to your property management company to see what can be done under your lease agreement.


Establish safety protocols and how to enforce them.

There are return-to-work guidelines for office buildings that have already been established by the Centers For Disease Control. Familiarize yourself with these recommendations and then determine if there are any others you’d like to add. Some of them may require purchasing additional equipment, such as face masks or a thermometer, before you give the green light for staff to return to the office.


Determine a cleaning regimen for when employees return to the office.

If you’ve only had one or two staff members at the office during COVID-19, or if your office has been closed altogether, you’ve probably become accustomed to a reduced cleaning schedule.


That will need to change when more of your staff returns to work. You may require more frequent cleanings, a deeper cleaning at specified intervals, or a different type of cleaning altogether. At TXRE, we now offer electrostatic cleaning services to our tenants – an affordable and efficient way to ensure your workplace is as safe as possible for everyone.