The new year is still young, and we have plenty more months to go before the next one comes around. But, it’s not too early to take a look at commercial real estate in 2021 and think about some important questions.

Should we continue remote working or return to the office?

As you know, 2020 was filled with ‘firsts’ for a lot of things. For some people, that meant working from home when they never had before. While employers and employees both strive to figure out what’s best for everyone involved, all indications point to the fact that office spaces aren’t going away anytime soon.

That’s not to say that they’re staying the same, however. On the contrary … ‘flexible office space’ is becoming both a need and the norm. The office is still a great place for training, collaboration, and support. But, health concerns and social distancing guidelines are affecting exactly what the office looks like and how it functions.

Will commercial real estate in 2021 still be focused in big cities?

This century has seen a trend toward urbanization and people living and working in big cities around the country. Will that continue in 2021? Only time will tell for sure. But, the pandemic of 2020 certainly changed some people’s outlooks on or attractions to big cities.

Overall, it’s expected that urbanization will continue. However, there may be a bigger attraction to smaller suburbs of the big cities. Commercial real estate in 2021 may see more businesses having office space in prime locations that are located just outside a large metropolis, but still have easy access to what the city has to offer.

What will commercial real estate investors focus on?

With the economic downturn in 2020, we look at investors to see if they provide any clues to changes to commercial real estate in 2021. As of now, indicators show they continue to focus on premium office buildingslocated inside and near large cities. If the health crisis continues, there will also be a focus on assets for rent or lease that are in close proximity to medical districts.

TXRE: Bringing you premium commercial real estate in 2021 and beyond

At TXRE Properties, our mission is to match tenants with the perfect real estate option that will meet their objectives and help their business flourish. Regardless of what trends emerge in 2021, we’re committed to continuing to bring you high quality, professionally managed and operated office properties.

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