Does Color Psychology Really Affect The Work Environment?


With everyone back at the office, it might seem like business as usual. But as the concept of “a great place to work” continues to evolve, we’re seeing today’s top workplaces take a serious interest in the wellness of their employees. So how can we transform a commercial office space into a sought-after workspace? For starters, a focus on employee wellness and utilizing color psychology is a great place to begin.


Addressing complex issues like neurodiversity in the workplace is essential, but can take time. An easy way to contribute to employee wellness is by implementing color in the office. The right colors can increase productivity, promote mental clarity, and even help employees to manage stress.




The color red has always been good for business. Not only does it command attention and imply power, but urgency as well. There’s a reason that red is the most popular color used in marketing! But don’t worry– if you don’t want to be literally seeing red in the office, start with a few red accents. Introducing a red accent table is a safe alternative to painting. Red is proven to stimulate cognitive performance, improve attention to detail, and increase productivity in the office.


Dark Blue


Try filling any empty spaces with blue for a calm, relaxing effect. That may sound counterintuitive for a working environment, but don’t confuse a relaxed employee with a “lazy” one! Employees who are relaxed and centered are more capable of managing their energy, stress levels, and deadlines. Over time, the color dark blue can even protect against burnout.




Like dark blue, green is a low-wavelength color that promotes restfulness and calm. But the effects don’t stop there! Green boosts concentration, focus, and efficiency when used in the workplace. And because green symbolizes nature and harmony, a pop of green is especially refreshing by the proverbial water cooler. Encourage employees to take a break in one of our beautifully curated atriums or invest in a few low-maintenance plants. Snake plants are hardy air purifiers, making them excellent office companions. Remember, it’s all about balance!




The color yellow represents happiness, warmth, positivity, and mental clarity. Even more, yellow can positively impact a person’s friendliness and optimism, which can go a long way toward cultivating a healthy work environment. But just a little is enough! Since yellow reflects light, it can be hard on the eyes. Be careful to stick to accents instead. Use a bright pop of yellow to inspire hope and clarity without overwhelming. Some of the world’s biggest companies utilize the color psychology behind the color yellow– think McDonald’s or Ikea.


Color Psychology Works!


Can the choice of color really affect the work environment? Yes. Although there is no one way to become one of the top workplaces in 2022, we can see immediate results by implementing color psychology. Choose dark blue to cool tension among colleagues. Or incorporate some nature for improved focus and concentration.


Color matters! Choose the right color and watch your commercial office space come to life.

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