We keep talking about The Great Resignation and why unhappy employees are leaving in droves, but in this article, let’s explore what actually can help make them happier and more willing to stay working in your office. So, let’s answer the question, what do employees really want in their workspace?

According to a recent Gallup Poll, the number one item on an employee’s wish list was increased compensation (64%). What a shocker!

But aside from compensation, the second most important factor in that Gallup Poll was the need for a greater work-life balance and better personal wellbeing (61%).

In The American Psychological Association’s Work and Well-Being study, it was revealed that 79% of the 1,501 employees surveyed experienced work-related stress in the month before the survey. Nearly 60% of those surveyed said they suffered from work-related stress which caused them to have a lack of interest, motivation, and energy at work. They also cited suffering from cognitive weariness, emotional exhaustion, and physical fatigue.

Compound these stats with a recent Harris Poll that found that three-quarters (76%) of employees have struggled with a mental health issue, and 4 in 10 (42%) reported a mental health disorder diagnosis, and you can see a very real problem emerging.

From The Great Resignation to The Great Reset

For the first time ever, employees are putting their wellbeing, mental health, and happiness goals ahead of their career aspirations. Regardless of how we got here (e.g. the pandemic, social divides, being electronically tethered to our jobs well past clocking out, never being able to turn off our jobs, stress, etc.), one thing is absolutely certain; employers need to start thinking about ways to help employees cope with stress and help improve their wellbeing.

In fact, according to Fortune.com, employees are so preoccupied with well-being that they are seriously thinking about realigning their careers and lives. So much so that they are willing to pursue dreams that heretofore would have been pipe dreams (e.g. quit that programming career to pursue the dream of being a travel blogger, or leave that teaching job to open a doggie daycare). The stress employees are feeling and the desire to pursue their well-being is so overwhelming they are strongly considering a profound career change and an ideological shift. It all makes one wonder, are we shifting from The Great Resignation to The Great Reset?

When it comes to employee retention and recruitment, the latest trend is putting the spotlight on employee wellbeing and happiness. So in this article, let’s focus on how your office, work environment, or workspace can help your employees feel less stressed out and help foster their wellbeing and happiness.

Employee Workspace That Helps Promote Employee Wellbeing and Happiness

Since employees are now identifying mental health as one of their priorities in 2022, this begs the question, what can you offer employees in their workspaces that will help them be less stressed and/or help them improve their mental health, their well-being, and their happiness? Here are some practical solutions.

1. Give Employees Plenty of Natural Light

The best adjustment you can make for your employees is to lease or rent commercial office spaces that provide work areas that have plenty of natural light. In addition to supplying your body with healthy doses of Vitamin D, which helps in calcium absorption and fighting certain diseases, sunlight also has some other amazing properties.

Did you know that being exposed to natural sunlight actually increases productivity, promotes better sleep, and improves energy levels in employees? In fact, a study conducted by Heschong Mahone Group for PG&E in 1999, found a strong, positive relationship between the presence of skylights and increased retail sales – incredibly noting 40 percent higher sales at checkout counters that were located beneath skylights!

2. Your Employees Need Space to Move and Spread Out

If you are limited in space and your employees are cramped and on top of each other, you can expect people to start getting grumpy and less productive. It is very hard to stay organized when you are in a very tight space. Consider expanding or even moving your offices into expansive spaces. If the downtown area is too limiting or expensive, consider a more roomy and affordable location such as a commercial office space located just outside the city. Giving your employees plenty of room inside their workspace also gives them the room to breathe and think. Not sure how much space you need? Contact one of our brokers and they can assist you in determining the best square footage.

3. Surround Your Employees with Nature

Just like sunlight, being surrounded by nature is a surefire way to increase employee happiness, satisfaction, and even productivity. If your company is located in a soulless, dark, fluorescent-lit, prison-like building with no plants, no views of nature, and no natural lighting, it is high time you consider moving. Nothing sucks the soul out of your employees like being imprisoned in a cement structure devoid of nature. In 2015, a study found that even small nature-inspired changes can have a dramatic impact on employee health, welfare, and productivity. If you are stuck in a concrete jungle, it is time to move to an office building with floor-to-ceiling windows that look out to nature and/or beautiful atriums with common areas where employees can recharge and reconnect with nature.

4. Healthy Amenities

Not every office building has an onsite fitness center or is surrounded by walking trails, but many buildings do feature these! We even have a property with an outside basketball court. And while amenities are indisputable health benefits for your employees, sometimes healthy amenities can simply mean providing quiet and serene common areas for employees to take a few minutes to decompress, or even having an onsite deli for employees to get a quick, nutritious meal or snack. Look around and if your building falls short on healthy amenities, it may be time to relocate.

5. Employees Want a Safe & Secure Workspace & Building

It goes without saying that safety is a serious concern and is a non-negotiable requirement. When thinking about office space for lease, it is critical that employees feel they can move about the building in safety and security. They need to be able to do their jobs without stress or fear, and if required to work at odd hours – such as evenings and weekends – their safety is assured. Making sure your commercial office building has plenty of well-lit parking, security personnel on-site, 24-hour electronic surveillance, well-lit facilities both inside and outside the building, and secured areas. All of these enable employees to feel less stressed and lets them focus on their jobs without concern for their safety.

Your Employees’ Happiness In Their Workspace Is Our Priority

Are you considering an office move to help your employees cope with stress and help improve their wellbeing? If so, learn about our amazing office amenities that promote your employees’ well-being. Make your next commercial office space a destination your employees will love!

We offer commercial office spaces and amazing, wellness-inspired amenities in the Dallas/DFW, Stemmons Corridor/Medical district, HEB, LBJ, or Irving/Las Colinas areas in Texas. We can give you a tour, we will show you amazing on-site amenities, our available office spaces for rent, and provide you with realistic and accurate costs. In short, we will answer all of your office amenity and commercial lease questions.